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Wow, have I been a busy baby since I got home.  Here are some of the highlights:

4/15/06 - I went hiking at Garden in the Woods. 

3/26/06 -My first vacation.  And it's at Fort Lauderdale beach, yea baby!

1/7/06 - Celebrating Dad's birthday

12/25/06 - My first holiday season and Christmas and Chanukah are on the same day! 

Dec 2006 - Lighting the menorah.

11/24/05 - Celebrated my first Thanksgiving at the Coach Grill with Grandma Roz, Grandpa Mel, Grandma Ruth, Uncle Bob, and Mom and Dad.

11/19/05 - I went to dinner with Leslie's friend Nancy. She is so funny,  she made me laugh all night :)

11/10/05 - I AM 3 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!!!

10/31/05 - Happy Halloween  

I think I ate to much candy

10/30/05 - My birth celebration.  I had a little ceremony at the Martha Mary Chapel in Sudbury and a big party after at home!

10/27/05 - I finally meet my Uncle John!

10/1/05 - Aunt Andrea comes for a weekend visit.  She took lots of pictures - paparazzi!!!!

9/22/05 - I stop in and say Hi to Dr. Beatty, the Doctor who brought me into this world!

9/17/05 - I had dinner out at Vinny T's in Natick. Then I went shopping at Babies R us and got some new socks and a really cool glider rocking chair!

 9/10/05 - My first wedding reception.  Mom's friends Warren and Fatim had a fine party at Betsy's house.  And I got to see a whole bunch of my Mom's friends.

9/5/05 - I got to see where Grandma Ruth lives.  She is just 5 minutes from us.  Grandma Roz and Grandpa Mel joined us there as well.

9/3/05 - Finally, I get to go out for dinner!!!!  Legal Seafoods it is.  I had my first Lobstah!!!!

8/29/05  -  Mom's best friend Karen 'Gurba' Clinton, comes to say hi.  She is really funny and made me laugh!  Her kids Ashley and Ben came to visit as well.  I am making a lot of new friends.  Plus, Gurba knows a lot about babies so she is showing mom the ropes.

8/22/05 - Grandma Ruth pays her first visit to my house to see me.  We are all smiles.

8/19/05 - I guess I was making some new funny noise because mom got a little nervous and called on our favorite neighbor Kristie to come over and diagnose.   Kristie determined that I was making a standard issue baby noise ;)

8/18/05 - My first bath at home.  Ahhh, nothing like bathing in the Kitchen sink.  
8/18/05 - Grandma Roz and Grandpa Mel pay the first of many visits to my house to see me. 

8/14/05 - Finally, I get to go home and check out the new digs.  Here I am escaping from the Hospital.  Nice car Dad!


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