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  Here are some of my favorite pictures:




Look what I made... Can I go again, and again, and again
I think I need a lot more buckets... SMILE!!!!
All done! SNOW ANGEL, Wheeee!



New Years in Boston, Dec. 31 2007 Fireworks are over, take me home please.
I love CHALK! CSI, Stephanie
Let's read some more, papa I'll feed Snoopy, mama

Happy Halloween



Summer on

 the Cape


Spring has

finally Sprung!!!!

Check out my house! Would you like to come in?
Pedal faster, Papa!!!! I get it now, Cow goes Moooooo
Lets go running... Hi, everyone!
I take my chalk everywhere!!!! Drawing is easy!
Did someone say smile.... Click!
Whooow, whooow, I think I got the hang of this bubble thing.
Hello, hello, may I have more food... Eating is fun!!!!!

I can now say "Dirt!"  Go SOX!

My first


Easy does it, Mrs. Scissorhands I look sharp!!!
Brrrrr, winter has finally arrived Look at all the snow!
Valentine dinner at the historic Wayside Inn Thanks for the flowers, dada

Ahhhh, winter vacation

 in sunny Florida

Fun and sun at Fort Lauderdale beach Look at all this sand!!!!!!!
Me and my Great Grandma This water sure is wet!!!!

Happy Holidays

, 2006!

Thanks for the tricycle, Uncle Bob Dad, push me around town please :)
My very first pony, thanks Grandma and Grandpa Don't I look fancy...
Mom, check out my new doll, yea!!!! Thanks for the table, Andrea and Andy.
Stephanie, look up at all the apples... Mmmmmmm, fresh picked apples are gooooood!
Look at all these pumpkins Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, the pumpkins are looking at me....
I love walking with my wheels!!!!! Ok, maybe walking without the walker can be fun to.
Uncle Bob, please read me the book again, and again,... Checkout my way cool pajamas.
Did someone say SMILE :) Say Smile again, I dare you!!!!!!!
Checkout my spread at the beach in Wellfleet. Ok, time to start shoveling some sand. 
Checkout my swimming pool! Now this is the life J
We finally made it to Acadia National Park!  I'm tired. Beautiful Bar Harbor.  Which boat is mine???
My very first tent.  Lets go to the beach! MOM, dad's hogging up the space.
Check out my video, Wheeeeeeeee! Picnics are fun.  Jon stop eating all the potato salad!
My first dinner party, hanging with the ladies... And with the Geeks, I mean the men :)
Rollerblading with mom, Wheeeeeeee!!!!! I can sleep ANYWHERE!!!!!
Hmmm, how did they get that elephant in the ball??? Na, na, na na, nah.
Let me just read the directions for these blocks. Forget the directions, lets PLAY!!!!!
Look at those giant chocolate Easter eggs, Mmmmm! The Easter Bunny is Huuuge!
So I finally meet Dad's friend Rob Ehrlichman. Strolling through Callahan State Park.
This isn't first class??!!! Do I at least get free peanuts?
Yikes that's cold! Ok, we'll go swimming next time when the waters warmer.
Check out my new toy! Take another picture!!!!

Here is my new friend, Maddie Klein I hope Dad's friend Jon Klein, has a good grip!

Making funny faces is, well, fun!

Extreme closeup, Wheeee!


Happy Holidays

Did someone say SMILE!


Mmmmmmm.....pureed carrots!

Down the hatch (assist by mom's friend, Beth)!

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