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After spending the first seven months of my life in Sudbury, I realized I needed a vacation.  So off to Florida I went (I took Mom and Dad along with me).  I went to Fort Lauderdale for my very first vacation.  I saw my relatives, the beach and more.  Take a look.

Lets go to the BEACH!!!!


Here I am at Logan, with all my stuff!!!

Lets get on the plane!!!!


How come I am not in business class???

Free peanuts, this is fun!!!!


Flying free and easy at 30,000 feet!

Look at those waves, let's go!!!!

Yikes that's cold!


Ok, we'll go swimming next time when the waters warmer.

Lets just keep taking pictures.


Picture perfect in my sun hat!

Poolside with dad.


My best smile for Great grandma Anne.

Footloose with Aunt Francine!

Dad's friend Pete - they put a football bib on me.  Geez!

Vacation's over, flying back to Sudbury.


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